The number one best selling cowboy singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey, is the voice behind the song, “One True Horse”, the new theme song for the RFD TV series, Ken McNabb’s “Discovering the Horseman Within” (see your local listings for times).

One True Horse, written by Emmy Award winning composer Michael Killen, is a timeless song about finding that one true partner of a horse.

On this full length version of the song, Michael Martin Murphey is backed by Murphey’s son, Ryan Murphey on mandolin, with Pat Flynn on lead acoustic guitar and multi-instrumentalist Galen Breen on guitar, harmonica, bass and drums. Michael and Dianne Killen provide the harmony vocals.

Get your copy today of the song that is heard by millions every week on Ken McNabb’s “Discovering The Horseman Within.”

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Pictures of Michael Martin Murphey with Ken McKabb and Dianne and Michael Killen Ken McKnabb and Michael Martin Murphey Michael Killen, Ryan Murphey, Dianne Killen, Michael Martin Murphey and Pat Flynn Michael Martin Murphey and Ken McKnabb
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